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FIFA 09 Ultimate Team was a downloadable add-on that was released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 09.

Similar Game ModesEdit

A similar game mode was featured in a previous EA Sports football game, UEFA Champions League 2006–2007.

About FIFA 09 Ultimate TeamEdit

It lets users create their own teams by buying, selling, trading, and auctioning off their players with thousands of other users. Gamers earn points by playing their teams online or offline or by using Microsoft Points to buy card packs, or you can use coins which you gain from playing matches. Card packs are categorized as Gold (5,000 pts), Silver (2,500 pts), or Bronze (500 pts). Card pack contain random cards, so the user does not know exactly what he or she will get in them. Essentially, Ultimate Team is geared toward letting the user have full, customizable control over their teams. "You can also compete with your squad against others across the world