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FIFA 11 ULTIMATE TEAM Advertisement

Following on from previous FIFA games, FIFA 11 Ultimate Team was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on 3 November 2010. It is available for free download from the Playstation Store or XBOX Live Marketplace


In the game itself, players purchase packs of cards with in-game money. These packs contain random players and other items, such as balls and kits, and players have to win football matches in order to earn coins, to purchase new players. There are other ways to make money, such as buying players cheaply and selling them on for a higher price. Also, with Microsoft points on the Xbox 360 you can buy packs of bronze, silver or gold players, staff and items. Returning users to Ultimate Team receive two complimentary Gold packs. It has been praised for its creativity, and likeness to eBay, in that it has live auctions, where player items needed from other players. This has also been likened to the real life Football market, where other managers are constantly trying to outbid each other for the best players and staff. Also, people could play their friends in this new friend mode. Players can be found in packs according to their real life transfers, for example the Fernando Torres Chelsea card appeared in packs after he was transferred from Liverpool or the Edin Dzeko transfer from Wolfsburg to Man City. These updates can be useful for the chemistry side of the game, allowing new partnerships, for example if you have a Dzeko card from before the transfer, when he was at German club Wolfsburg, then he would have no chemistry with Manchester City players such as Tevez or Yaya and Kolo Toure. However if you have a post-transfer card, with Man City as his club, then he will link up with the Man CIty players as well as other Premier League players. He will lose all Bundesliga connections as well so he would not connect with his old teammate at Wolfsburg Grafite or any body else at the Bundesliga.